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Medieval Wallachian coins from Saint-Georges Museum Numismatic Collection / Monede medievale ale Ţării Româneşti din colecţia numismatică a Muzeului Saint-Georges

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Excerpt This paper deals with the Wallachian coins which were part of the Saint Georges Museum numismatic collection. After the museum closed down, the coin collection was moved to the National Antiquities Museum which later became the Archaeology Institute from Bucharest. Some decades later, in the '70s, a part of the coins were transferred in the care of the Coin Room of the National History Museum of Romania, where it is preserved at the present moment.
The batch of Wallachian coins gathered by Saint Georges for the museum he was the director of for almost 30 years is constituted of a number of 97 coins, all very well preserved, that are very useful for the study of the Wallachian coinage. The coins are struck in the name of Vladislav I Vlaicu, Radu I, Dan I, Mircea the Elder, Vladislav II and Mihnea III Radu.
Therefore the aim of this study is to bring into the numismatists attention this particular batch of coins, with really well preserved Wallachian coins, and to complete the information that we had until today about the collections of the Saint-Georges Museum.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XXI-XXII; anul 2015-2016
Editura Publicat de: Muzeul Naţional de Istorie a României
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