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Notă asupra semnelor monetare identificare pe denarii regelui Ladislau I din tezaurele de la Turda şi Frata (judeţul Cluj) / Note over the privy marks identified on the deniers struck by king Ladislaus I from the Turda and Frata hoards (Cluj county)

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Excerpt This article brings the attention back to the Transylvanian hoards of Turda and Frata, consisting exclusively of CNH I 33 Hungarian denars, issued towards the end of the reign of King Ladislaus I (1077-1095). Reexamination of the coins kept in the collection of The Town History Musem of Turda (47 coins from Turda and 120 coins from Frata), led to the altering of the privy marks scheme (point, line, wedge etc. or combinations of these), which were identified in articles published by Eugen Chirilă and his co-workers during the 70’s. The corrections were applied by corroborating information published this year by Hungarian numismatists C. Toth, J.G. Kiss and A. Fekete in a catalogue of Árpádian coinage. Our analysis uncovered 19 privy marks variants out of the 39 indexed in the aforementioned catalogue. During reexamination, we found a few incorrect identifications, same coins of clandestine origin, and also several uncertain situations, the latter due to the coins poorly preserved state. Thus, eliminating the aforementioned coins, we found five new privy marks variants (in relation with the catalogue of Árpádian coinage), all of these among the Frata hoard’s denars.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XXI-XXII; anul 2015-2016
Editura Publicat de: Muzeul Naţional de Istorie a României
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