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Descoperiri monetare antice din România (III) / Ancient Coin finds from Romania (III)

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Excerpt By taking back the tradition of Romanian numismatics on numismatic chronicles started at the very beginning of the 20th century, with the addition of information provided by photos, maps -GPS coordinates or metal surface XRF analyses, where this is possible, we are trying to have a better assignment of various coins found along recent or older times on the territory of Romania, whatever the source of the coin may be. The chronical is a way to reduce the loses of information on these type of ancient or byzantine finds in Romania and to preserve at least the/some information where the objects and the archaeological contexts are destroyed or lost.
Paginaţia 209-223
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XVII; anul 2011
Editura Publicat de: Muzeul Naţional de Istorie a României
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