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Istoria numismaticii în Slovacia / The History of Slovakian Numismatics

  • Numismatică modernă şi contemporană (Modern and Contemporary Numismatics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt At any attempt at description of history of numismatics in Slovakia we must to take in account that Slovakia did not represent, until 1918, in the frame of the former Kingdom of Hungary any political or administrative unite. At that time the Slovaks represented just one of more suppressed nationalities, whose members only rarely did achieve a higher social or economic status. Although the territory of the present day Slovakia represented, out of Budapest, industrially and economically the most developed parts of the kingdom, the economic and cultural life in all (relatively small) towns was dominated by Germans and/or Hungarians, whereas major part of Slovak population lived in villages, in considerably simple and modest conditions. Suppression of the Slovaks culminated after adopting the Nationalities Act of 6 December 1868, which did not respect other than Hungarian nationalities as political entities and even did not recognize their ethnic independence. At that time the Hungarians spoke about the Slovaks just as about "several herdsmen in the mountains" or, like the minister president Kálmán Tisza, they even did deny their existence in interviews with the foreigners. In this period the Slovak language was not taught even in the elementary schools.
Position of the Slovaks had changed only in late 1918, after proclamation of the Czechoslovak Republic, which saved the Slovaks before the absolute assimilation and opened them the door to a free development.
Due to the above facts, until 1918 we can speak about numismatics in the present day Slovak territory, even about its positive impact on the present day Slovak numismatics, but not always we can consider it as a cultural and scientific manifestation of the Slovaks.
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