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Nobilime, pământ, bani şi funcţii în secolele XVI-XVIII: Cazul familiei Romanescu / Aristocracy, Land, Money and Offices During the 16th-18th Centuries – The Case of the Romanescu Family

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Excerpt The boyar family of the Romanescu's begins with Dragul Cherbeleţ, great spathar during Radu V, Prince of Wallachia (1522- 1527). He had two sons and a daughter. One of his sons, Mircea, fled in Transylvania with 42,000 aspers that represented the taxes collected by him from a county of the country. Mircea's felony was followed not only by the confiscations of most of the family properties, but it marked the entire future fate of the family. Although preserving their noble status, the descendants of Dragul Cherbeleţ couldn't attend any higher state offices during the following two centuries.
The genealogy of Romanescu's family extended nine generations from beginning of 16th century till the middle of 18th century.
The wealth of a noble family was made up of estates, Gypsy slaves and cash. In the deeds of the
Romanescu's family were written down 11 estates during the 17th century, but certainly they had more than those which the names were preserved by the records. These estates were situated between the Olt and Jiu Rivers, in the districts of Dolj, Gorj and Vâlcea. The wealth of the family increased through the dowries brought by their wives. On these estates they had mills, vineyards and orchards.
The Gypsy slaves were considered animated items and their prices were established only the moment of their sale, to cover the need of money of their masters.
During the Habsburg occupation of Oltenia (Lesser Wallachia), at the beginning of the 18th century, started the dissolution of the old aristocratic social order and the transition to the capitalist economic and social relationships. In accordance with the new times, the members of the Romanescu family are more and more involved in trade and money handling, though keeping some of their estates and slaves.
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