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Evoluţia circulaţiei monetare în Šumenul medieval şi regiunea învecinată în perioada 971-1204 / Some Developments in the Monetary Circulation in Medieval Šumen and its Hinterland (971-1204)

  • Numismatică antică si bizantină (Ancient and Byzantine Numismatics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt The evolution of the monetary circulation in the area of the medieval town of Šumen during the period 971-1204, can be divided at two sub-periods: 971-1092 and 1092-1204. The characteristic features of first sub-period are shaped by the diffusion of the Byzantine coinage in the Bulgarian economy. During this period the quantity of coin finds from Šumen and from its area is equal. The archaeological and monetary evidences confirmed that during the 11th c. the Patzinak's invasions in the area of Šumen district were less destructive as they were in Dobruja.
However, there are some evidences to prove that the live in North-Eastern Bulgarian territories become difficult and dangerous. That explains why the monetary circulation was not too active. During the period 971-1204 the fortress of Šumen reached only a feeble level of economic development.
Later one, during the second sub-period, the gap between the level of the economic development between the Šumen fortress and the region around it starts to become more unbalanced. Meanwhile 69 coins arc recorded from the hinterland, at Šumen are so far known only 16 specimens. The explanation of this contrast is due to the fact that after 1185/1187, Veliki Preslav, located at about 25 km from Šumen became the second most important town after the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom - Tărnovo. Only after the end of the 13th c., when Preslav was destroyed by the Byzantine army, led by Michael Glavas, Šumen fortress became the most important fortified centre of the area.
The economic boom of Šumen begins during the first half of the 14th c., when the town became the successor of Veliki Preslav. Thanks to the 14th c. developments, Šumen becomes one of the most important towns within the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.
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