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Noile emisiuni monetare româneşti metalice şi de hârtie. Leul nou – 2005 / The New Romanian Paper and Metalic Coins. The New Leu – 2005

  • Numismatică modernă şi contemporană (Modern And Contemporary Numismatics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt During the summer of 2004 the Romanian Parliament adopted the Law no. 348 on the denomination of the national currency. Since the 1st July 2005 the new leu will be introduced in circulation. It will be used together with the old currency until 31st December 2007. The old bills and metallic coins could be exchanged for new currency without any time limit.
The exchange rate between the old and the new leu was established at 10.000/1.
The author presents the main characteristics of the designs and sizes, as well as the control marks used to protect the new currency against the forging attempts.
All the new Romanian banknotes will print on a special polymer, their size being equal to the Euro bills (excepting the new Romanian 1 Leu, which has no counterpart in the Euro currency system).
The new banknotes are: 1 LEU, 5 LEI, 10 LEI, 50 LEI, 100 LEI and 500 LEI. All excepting the 500 LEI banknote will preserve, but few details, the old designs of the presently in use bills of: 10,000 LEI, 50,000 LEI, 100,000 LEI, 500,000 LEI and 1,000,000 LEI.
The new metallic coins are: 1 BAN (brass clad steel), 5 BANI (copper clad steel), 10 BANI (nickel clad steel) and 50 BANI (brass).
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