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Bancnotele euro şi unele dintre contrafacerile lor / The Euros Bank Notes and Some of Their Most Frequent Forgeries

  • Numismatică modernă şi contemporană (Modern And Contemporary Numismatics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt The introduction of the common European currency, the Euro, in 15 countries represents one of the major monetary events of the history. Despite their sophisticated security devices and printing techniques, the Euros banknotes became soon a major target of the forging attempts. The first forgeries appeared on the market two years later after the introduction of the Euro. Nowadays mast commonly forged bill is that of 50 Euro, but some other denominations, such as 20 Euro, 100 Euro, 200 Euro and even 500 Euro became more and more often imitated. The author describes some of the mast frequent techniques used to produce forged bills of 50 Euros and offers few details how to detect them.
Paginaţia 515-517
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; IX-XI; anul 2003-2005; seria 2003-2005
    • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; IX-XI; anul 2003-2005; seria 2003-2005
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