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Un exagion imperial bizantin timpuriu de la Odessos / an Early Byzantine Imperial Weight from Odessos

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt The author published an Early Byzantine imperial bronze weight. It was found by chance within the Late Roman - Early Byzantine cemetery of the ancient town of Odessus (Varna). The busts of two emperors and the Greek letters 18 (12) i.e. 12 scripula are rather carefully engraved on the square in shape weight (Fig. la-b). It was used as an exagium - a control measure, issued by the Byzantine Imperial court - most probably in Constantinople.
Its weight of 8.79 g is close to that of two nomismata/solidi, which according to the rules issued by Emperor Constantine the Great in AD 309 was 9.1 O g. A date of second half of 4th- Early 5th century AD was suggested for the weight, which was produced most probably in Constantinople. lt was possibly left as a grave good or was simply lost by its owner at the ancient cemetery of Odessus.
The weight is the only imperial bronze weight found in Odessus so far and the fourth in Bulgaria.
Paginaţia 579-583
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; IX-XI; anul 2003-2005; seria 2003-2005
    • Cercetări Numismatice; IX-XI; anul 2003-2005; seria 2003-2005
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