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Genealogie şi istorie socială. Familii nobiliare descendente din neamul Káta în comitatul medieval Ugocea Genealogy and social history. The noble families descending from Káta kindred in the medieval Ugocea County

  • Heraldică, Sigilografie şi Genealogie (Heraldry, Sigillography and Genealogy)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt This study focuses on tracking and clarifying some of the particular issues of the medieval noble families, based on a case study that follows the Káta kindred and the descendent families across the 13th-16th centuries. An immediate result of the study is a detailed reconstruction (using, where possible, all documentary sources available) of the Káta kindred with a main focus on the Ugocea-Satu Mare branch. Thus, genealogical additions and corrections made on this study are the first step towards the final aim of the paper, namely the interpretation of historical phenomena and processes related to kinship and noble families, to confirm or refute general hypotheses and theories set out in this regard.
The relationship within the kindred, the "solidarity" of the kindred, viewed from an anthropological perspective, cannot be historically proven, but its role is highly visible in the legal system. Changes supervened in the land ownership system and blood relations inside the family are closely connected. At the end of the thirteenth century and at the beginning of the fourteenth century, there are two interrelated phenomena: the formation of families descending from the same kindred, with the possibility of nominally distinguishing them, and at the same time common lands (the key link in kinship heritage) are gradually reduced to extinction. With these changes, the role of the kindred ties is significantly reduced in the legal system, giving way to nuclear families.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XVI; anul 2010