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Tezaurul monetar descoperit la Cluj-Mănăştur. Observaţii asupra tipologiei denarilor Reginei Maria (1382-1395) / Observations concerning the typology of Queen Mary’s Denars (1382-1395). The monetary hoard found at Cluj-Mănăştur

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Excerpt The analysis of the coin hoard from Cluj-Mănăştur, composed almost exclusively of denarii issued by Mary, Queen of Hungary (1382-1395), has led to a series of observations that are bound to changes the traditional image of monetary subtypes and the chronology of queen’s denarii.
The starting point was the identification of the variants and sub-variants of the CNH II 114, and 116 denarii and of the hybrid denarii resulting from complicated combinations between obverse legends and reverse iconographies, or between the legends of one monetary subtype with the iconographies of the other subtype. The analysis of the queen’s denarii and these cross-correlations have led us to classify the coins in which Hungarian numismatic determinators are not featured, into two categories: hybrid denarii and new monetary subtypes.
The central point of the analysis was the problem of the chronological succession of Queen Mary’s denarii. Our interpretation, based solely on the analysis of the denarii, suggests a reversal of the traditional chronology, the CNH II 116 denarii having been struck before the CNH II 114 denarii. The arguments supporting this reverse chronology include the evolution of the monetary legends, the style of rendering letters, the volume of the coinages and the structure of the coin hoards containing the denarii issued by Queen Mary.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XVI; anul 2010