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La răscruce de vremuri – Tranziţia de la Antichitate la Evul Mediu timpuriu din zona Porţilor de Fier ale Dunării / At the Turning Point of the Ages – From the Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages in the Danube Iron Gates Area – A Numismatic Approach

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Excerpt This study dedicated to Octavian Iliescu, the true founder of scientific and systematic research of the finds of Byzantine coins in Romania, aims to contribute, from a numismatic point of view, at a more correct understanding of some economic, social and political phenomena related to the dissolution of the Roman-Byzantine civilisation and to the emergency of the mediaeval civilisation in the territory of the Danube Iron Gates, north of the river. This approach is based both on the processing of older data, published by several researchers, evidently reinterpreted in the bight of the latest Byzantine numismatic literature, and on the use of significant unpublished finds, resulted from the studies conducted by us in several museum and private collections. Our research has covered also the finds in the neighbouring areas south of the river, situated north - western Bulgaria and north - eastern parts of present day Serbia, on the territories of the former provinces of Dacia Ripens is and Moesia I. Such an approach seems only natural when taking into account the common evolution of the territories on both banks of the Danube downstream the Iron Gates area, as well as the fact that in late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages the region emerged as an economic unity brought about by the complementary natural resources and the convergent main roads of the military and civil communication network. The presence of a large number of inhabitants used to speak Latin, north of the Danube, related to the dominant Romanic population, south of the river, brought the similarity of the development pattern even closer.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; VIII; anul 2002