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Un nou taler moldovenesc emis în anul 1562 de către Despot Vodă – A New Moldavian Thaler Struck in 1562 by Despot Vodă

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Excerpt The authors publish an unknown thaler (crown) struck in the Suceava mint, in 1562 by the Moldavian Prince John James Heraclide Despot (1561 - 1563), whose issues were considered among the rarest Romanian medieval coins. The mentioned coin is kept in a German private collection, but we are lacking any information about its provenience. This piece was struck with an unknown pair of dies and represents the third preserved specimen of the 1562 issue. Based on the analysis of some stylistic and technical peculiarities of the dies used to struck this piece, the authors consider that the coin belongs to the early phase of the reformed coinage of Despot, being, may be, the first issue of the new denomination, struck during the spring of 1562. Other four pairs seems to be used for the 1563 issue of crowns.
The authors estimated the minimal volume of the 1562 issue of Moldavian thalers at about 150.000 sp. (but figures as 200.000 - 225.000 sp. may be possible). For the next issue, from 1563, the quantity of thalers struck was estimated between 200.000 and 300.000 - 400.000 sp. The needed metal was provided not only by the silver found in the Treasury left by Alexander Lăpuşneanul (1552 - 1561), but it was largely supplied by the confiscation of the church and monasteries sacred vessels and adornments, as well as by the confiscation of some nobles families properties.
The thalers of John James Heraclide Despot carried out from Moldavia by his former mercenaries were rather common abroad. In 1572 they were mentioned in a German tariff of the most popular silver issues in currency in this countries, and later, in 1579 they were first time illustrated.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; VIII; anul 2002