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Un tezaur de monedă măruntă descoperit la Curtea Domnească din Suceava / A Hoard from the 15th Century Found at the Princely Court in Suceava

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Excerpt The paper presents a hoard of 351 copper coins found in the archaeological researches at the Princely Court from Suceava in 1999. The largest part of the coins is quartings (1/4 denier) issued by Sigismund of Luxemburg (1387-1437), King of Hungary, between 1430-1437. The coins bear the following mintmarks of: Brastislava-Pojon-Pressburg, Sighişoara-Schăssburg-Segesvâr, Buda, Lipova-Lippa, Baia Mare-Nagybânya, Pécs, Kremnitz, Kaschau and Székesfehérvár.
Judging by the written sources, the forgeries of the quartings were numerous. It is reasonable to suppose that some pieces from our hoard are forgeries or pieces produced by inexperienced diescutters in the official mints. Some coins have irregular shapes and effaced flans.
All of the Moldavian coins (six pieces of ½ copper groat) from the hoard are of a common type. Their description is:
- Obverse: auroch head with a star between the horns, in the right field rosette, in the left field crescent.
- Reverse: shield vertically divided in two parts, three fascias on the left and seven lilies to the right.
Three among the Moldavian coins have in the right of the shield, on the reverse, the letter Я. Because the quartings was issued only between 1430 and 1437, we suppose that the pieces of ½ Moldavian groats from the hoard belong to the same epoch. They were strike during the last two years of Alexander I's reign or by his successors, Elias (Iliaş) and Stefan II (Ştefan). The deposition of this hoard could be connected with the troubled times lived by the Moldavian principality after the Alexander's death, because the civil wars broken out between his successors.
The hoard published here is also important because it can offer an image of the currency in Moldavia, first of all, about the position of the Hungarian issues in the currency of this country during the 30 and the 40 of the 15th century.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; VIII; anul 2002