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Proiecte de monede şi medalii emise de Banca Naţională a României în anii 1997-1999 / Design of Coins and Medals Issued by the National Bank of Romania during the Years 1997-1999

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Excerpt Starting with 1995, the National Bank of Romania resumed the struck of the coins of precious metals, silver and gold, after a quite long break (the last issues for the gold coins were struck in 1945, and the silver ones in 1946). For improving the artistic quality of the coin designs, in 1997 the National Bank of Romania opened a public contest for coin designs. The author presents the projects for the designs for 11 coin sets and for one medal issues, realised by him, proposed for the issues to be struck by the National Bank of Romania during the years 1997-1999.
The largest part of these projects wined the contest and were selected for the official issues of silver, gold and aluminium commemorative issues.
1. The 100 lei of the silver coin for the commemoration of the 50t h anniversary of UNICEF (1997).
2. The silver and potin medal struck for commemorating the opening of the Museum of the National Bank of Romania (1997).
3. The 100 lei silver set of three coins commemorating the 18t h Winter Olympic Games from Nagano (Japan, 1998).
4. The 100 lei silver coin commemorating the World Football Championship (France, 1998).
5. The 500 and 1000 lei gold coins commemorating the 150th anniversary of the 1848 Revolution (1998)
6. The 1000 gold coin commemorating the 80t h anniversary of the union of Transylvania with
Romania (1998).
7. The 100 lei silver coin commemorating the 120th anniversary of the establishing of the Romanian Independence (1998).
8. The 100 lei silver coin commemorating the 125th anniversary of the death of Andrei Şaguna (1809 -1873), the Metropolitan bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Church and political leader of the Romanians from Transylvania (1998).
9. The 1000 lei gold coin and 100 lei silver coin dedicated to the visit of Pope John Paul I in Romania (1999).
10. The 500 lei aluminium coin commemorating the solar eclipse of 11th August 1999.
11. The 100 lei silver coin commemorating the 100th anniversary of the international expedition to Antarctica of the Belgian ship "Belgica" (1999).
12. The 100 gold coin representing the famous Dacian gold helmet (4th century BC) (1999).
The author presents some data about the volume of the issue and the technical features of the coins and medals designed by him.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; VIII; anul 2002