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Titluri de onoare şi premii pentru activităţi ştiinţifice, culturale şi artistice în perioada regimului comunist / Honorary Titles and Prizes for Scientific, Cultural and Artistic Activities During the Communist Regim

  • Medalistică şi faleristică (Medalistics and Phaleristics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt As soon as the Communist Regime assumed power in Romania, it introduced a lot of changes in all spheres of the society and activities. Under the Soviet influence the Communists also introduced the system of the honorary titles, in order to reward meritory deeds that were not enough to receive a decoration. This also applied in the domain of culture and science, among the first on the list in order for the new regime to be able to remodel the values and to reward the persons that contributed to their promotion. Under such circumstances, in just two years, three prizes that had associated honorary titles were established. Each one replaced the other. The first, in August 1948, was the National Prize, that was awarded for 10 domains connected to the arts and culture. It was replaced in January 1949 by the Prize of the Academy of the Popular Republic of Romania, awarded for 15 domains connected to arts, culture and science. In December 1949 a new change appeared, with the introduction of the State Prize. Although this one continued to be awarded up until 1989, it suffered three changes. In 1949 when it was introduced, it was organized on two classes, awarded for 14 domains. In 1952 it was changed to three classes awarded for 25 domains, and in 1961 it was switched to a single class, awarded for three domains broadly defined, and begun to be awarded every other year. All these prizes came with a considerable amount of money and a prestige.
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    • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; nr. în TOM: XXVII; anul 2021
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