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O descoperire monetară din ianuarie 1933 în documentele Legiunii de Jandarmi Râmnicu Sărat / A Coin Hoard Find from January 1933 in the Records of the Geandarmerie Legion of Râmnicu Sărat

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Excerpt This article aims to present an interrogation report, taken in March 1933, by the Legion of Gendarmes of the Râmnicu Sărat County, some peasants from Coteşti commune (nowadays in the Vrancea County), regarding the discovery of some coins and human remains, while they were working on a vineyard. During the gendarmerie investigations seven coins were recovered: three larger, being of "the size of 2 lei coins, but thinner" with the inscription "Sigis.III", and four smaller coins, "rusted and with holes".
Based on the short description and through comparisons with similar discoveries, we consider that they are three groats coins, issued by the Zygmunt III Waza (1587-1632), the smaller coins being ½ groats or denarii issued by the kings of Hungary or Poland, in the 15th-17th centuries.
The finding itself doesn’t have a great importance, but it completes the archaeological and numismatic repertoire of Coteşti, and on the other hand, it shows that through the study of the archives one can find references on archaeological and numismatic discoveries from the past, of some objects that have been lost today.
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