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Un manuscris numismatic inedit al lui Constantin Moisil din colecţia Muzeului Naţional de Istorie a României (Partea I - textul) / An Unpublished Numismatic Manuscript of Constantin Moisil From the Collection of the National History Museum of Romania (Part I - The Text)

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Excerpt The author edits an unpublished numismatic manuscript of Constantin Moisil (1876-1958), the founder of the modern numismatics in Romania, kept in the collection of the National History Museum of Romania (access no 105.512). The manuscript intituled Informaţii numismatice din fondul fostei Academii Române 1871-1896 Culese de Const. Moisil în anii 1925 – Numismatic information from the archives of the former Romanian Academy 1871-1896 collected by Const. Moisil during the 1925’s was bought by the National History Museum of Romania, in 1976, from Madame Hildegard Ţabrea, the widow of Ilie Ţabrea. Ţabrea was a well-known amateur numismatist and a close collaborator of Moisil during the 1930’s -1950’s in the Romanian Numismatic Society. It is worth to mention that Ţabrea was, also, the author of the monograph regarding the life and scholarly contributions of Constantin Moisil, published in 1970.
The manuscript, measuring 21.5 x 17.2 cm, does contain 16 pages, written on low quality paper, with black ink. It is bounded using a coup board dossier, produced in the 1950’s, by a factory in Sibiu.
Despite of the fact that Moisil mentioned only the years 1871-1896 in title of his paper, actually, his work does contain information concerning the activities of the numismatic collections of the Coin Room of the Romanian Academy and of the National Museum of Antiquities in Bucharest covering much wider laps of time. In fact, Moisil collected and presented many data regarding the foundation and/or the development of these major Romanian numismatic public collections until 1921 (with only a break covering the years from the second half of July 1914 to the spring of 1920, i. e. during the troubled years of the Great War).
It is worth to mention, that, in spite of its title, the unpublished manuscript of Moisil presents also some information regarding archaeological finds from the prehistoric, classical and medieval periods all over the Romanian territories.
Quite likely, Moisil’s contribution Numismatic information from the archives of the former Romanian Academy 1871-1896 collected by Constantin Moisil during the 1925 was, largely, documented and composed during the 1920’s, but it was accomplished only after 1948, during the early 1950’s, before the death of the author. So far, one could not guess the reasons, which lead Moisil to do not publish this manuscript, in spite of its obvious scholarly importance for the history of the Romanian numismatic public collections, as well as for our numismatics and archaeology, in general.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; XXVI; anul 2020