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Un tezaur monetar medieval descoperit în Banat / A Medieval Coin Hoard Found in Banat

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Excerpt The aim of this study is to present a batch of 33 coins struck in the name of Mathias Corvinus. The batch, which seems to be a hoard fragment, was donated by Aurel Cosma in the year 1905 to the Astra Association Museum from Sibiu, later being transfered in the collections of the Brukenthal Museum where it is still preserved. Following the analysis of the pieces, which are quite common for the monetary circulation of the Late Middle Age in the area of Transylvania, we were able to observe some differences in the stylistic approach of the inscriptions letters, a fact which might help later to better understand the activity of the Baia Mare mint and also to conclude a more precise chronological setting for the issues of this important coin mint.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XXVI; anul 2020