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Istorii pierdute, istorii regăsite. Consideraţii şi analize XRF privind un stater tomitan timpuriu de tip Lysimach (mijlocul secolului al III-lea a.Chr.) / Lost and Found Histories. Considerations and XRF Analysis Regarding a Lysimach Type Stater from Tomis (Middle of the 3rd Century BC)

  • Numismatică antică şi bizantină (Ancient and Byzantine Numismatics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt Despite the fact that the early series of the Lysimachus type staters and tetradrachms from Tomis are well known today, we publish again this sample belonging to the second series of Macedonian type coins from Tomis and apparently the first gold coin of the city because it was recovered from the international market entering in the numismatic collection of the National History Museum of Romania in Bucharest. The results of the XRF analysis confirms the former XRF analysis made on early Alexander the Great and also Lysimachus type staters from the West Pontic Greek cities, showing clearly that the gold percentage of this extremely rare coin (obv. 99.81% / rv. 99.86%) belong to the values specific for the best Alexander type staters of the region, contemporary to our coin. The first coin belonging to this type appeared in 2005 in a public auction, the second sample, presented here, coming also from the commerce (2011, 2014) and being recovered and preserved now in the numismatic collection of the National History Museum of Romania from Bucharest. It could be a part of a Hellenistic hoard coming from Dobrudja similar to the famous Dăeni hoard (Constanţa county).
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XXVI; anul 2020