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Două monede de aur dintr-o colecţie privată craioveană / Two gold coins from a private collection from Craiova

Limba de redactare română (rezumat în engleză)
Excerpt On 26th of September 2018, a collector came with several coins for identification and evaluation, at the Museum of Oltenia Craiova. From those, two gold coins caught our attention in particular: a franc à pied from Charles V of Valois (1364-1380) and a Venetian zechino issued in the name of Carlo Ruzzini (1732-1735). According to the collector, these coins came from his mother, without knowing their origin and how they ended in the family collection.
The two gold coins are somewhat rare for Moldavia and Wallachia. From our knowledge , no other such pieces have been reported so far, in the numismatic literature , both in hoards and as isolated discoveries.
By bringing to the attention of specialists and collectors of these pieces we want to complete the repertoire of French and Venetian coins existing in public and private collections in Romania.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XXV; anul 2019