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Emisiuni monetare de argint bătute de Nogai la Akça Kerman / Silver Monetary Issues Struck by Nogai at Akça Kerman

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Excerpt The article presents a new type of Djujid silver coin that is believed to be an issue of Nogai struck at Akça Kerman. Nogai’s silver coin minted in Akça Kerman, which was introduced into scholarly literature by A. A. Kazarov and A. V. Krivenko in 2010, is probably a fraction of the published type. It can be stated that, apparently, Akça Kerman mint had functioned intermittently for several decades in the late XIII - early XIV centuries, issuing silver coins in small numbers. The author believes that the accumulation and study of numismatic material will confirm or correct his version of attribution of this interesting coin type.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; XXV; anul 2019