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Un tezaur monetar descoperit în zona oraşului Galaţi / A Coin Hoard Found Nearby the Town of Galatz

  • Numismatică modernă şi contemporană (Modern And Contemporary Numismatics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt At the end of 1999 or during the spring of 2000, two workers found by chance a silver coins hoard at Galatz (Galaţi) or nearby the town. From the information so far preserved, one could suppose that actually almost 135-150 coins were recovered. The coins were concealed in a jar which, unfortunately, was later lost. Also is very pity that the founders of the hoard scattered part of the coins among some collectors in Bucharest. About 92 pieces got into possession of a collector in Constantza, who kindly allow us to study them. In 2001, the National Bank of Romania acquired this parcel.
The 92 pieces making the "Galatz hoard" are lion-thalers, issued by the United Provinces of the Low Countries, as well as by some Imperial cities, such as Campen and Zwolle.
The issues of this hoard cover a period of 50 years since 1604 to 1653.
The thalers were issued in: Holland - 1604, 1649 (4); Zeeland - 1610, 1640 (or 1649), 1648, 1649 and 1650 (2); Utrecht - 1617. 1642, 1643 (2), 1644 (2), 1646, 1647 (4), 1648, 1649, 1655; Westfriesland - 1633 (2), 1642, 1647, 1648 (3), 1650 (3); Geldern - 1635, 1638, 1639, 1641 (4), 1644 (2), 1646 (2), 1648 (9); Zwolle - 1640, 1646 (4), 1648 (5), 1649 (2), 1650; Campen - 1646, 1647 (3), 1648 ( 14), 1649 (2), 1650 (3), 1653.
Unfortunately, only a part of the coins of the parcel, which was available for the study, are illustrated.
The composition of the "Galatz coin hoard" emphasize some of the main peculiarities shown by the diffusion and circulation of the lion-thalers on the Romanian countries, features already highlighted by the previous studies on few hoards with a similar content. First of all, the "Galatz hoard" shows the strong domination of lion-thalers issued by the United Provinces of the Low Countries on the Romanian monetary market during the first half of the 17th century. During the 1640's the diffusion of the lion-thalers reached its paramount. The entire 92 coins of the "Galatz hoard" are lion-thalers. Among the mints, most of the coins of this hoard were struck at Campen (24 sp.), followed by Geldern (20 sp.). The lion-thalers issued for Westfriesland, which normally are always well represented in other hoards, is present "Galatz hoard", only by 10 sp.
The "Galatz hoard" represents a part of a larger Moldavian hoard horizon concealed during 1650-1655. The reasons of this wave should be found in the troubled political and social events, which happened during the last years of the reign of Vasile Lupu (1653).
The finds of several 16th - 17th century hoards, consisting in thalers in the area around Galatz confirm the information regarding the economic and commercial importance of this town, located on the Danube.
After the lost in 1484, by Moldavia of its main commercial centers - Chilia and Cetatea Albă, Galatz became the most important Danubian port of the country. During the 16th – 17th century, Galatz was connected not only to the Black Sea trade movements, but also to the major continental trade routes in Central Europe and the Balkans.
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